Scitec Nutrition Water Jug 1.89ltr IDEAL FOR YOUR BCAA/PRE WORKOUT DRINK


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Ensure optimal hydration throughout the day with the Scitec Nutrition 1.89 litre water jug. Hydration plays a key role in optimum performance, so this is an ideal and convenient way of ensuring you meet your water needs. The jug is lightweight and versatile, so you can keep it with you during the day, on your travels, in the office, or when training in the gym. For those that don’t like the metric system, it is equivalent to half a gallon / 64 oz when full.

The jug has a stainless steel cap with a plastic inner thread to prevent leaks, and is connected to the bottle with a strong canvas rope. This prevents you from losing the cap, but also doubles up as a convenient carry handle. The jug has a plastic handle on the side to hold while drinking, and the large spout means that it’s quick and easy to drink from.

The plastic used in the bottle PETG/BPA Free. It’s a sturdy and resilient design.

Note that the jug is not suitable for hot liquids.



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