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  • £28.30

    i Drive – 120 caps

    Insulin Driver + GDA
    i-DRIVE GDA is a Glucose Disposal Agent designed to enhance the effects of Insulin in your body, Insulin has the ability to increase protein synthesis, inhibit protein breakdown and Drive Amino Acids, Creatine, and other vital Anabolic Nutrients into the muscle tissue, which could help your body store the glucose it transports as glycogen (GDA) in the muscle instead of being stored as fat, potentially creating a powerful glycogen pump and improving muscle fullness.

  • £32.56

    Nootropic Power – 60 caps

    Advanced Cognitive Support
    ** BRAIN FUEL **
    Nootropic Power has been formulated using the most popular ingredients in order to deliver an advanced cognitive support supplement designed to give you intense mental focus, clarity and sustained concentration.